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Application Form for 2023 Special Grant in Housing or the Environment

Thank you for your interest in the Woods Hole Foundation. We are accepting proposals for this special grant beginning April 1. Completed applications must be received no later than midnight  May 31. 

* Please be sure to review our FAQs and the Checklist page before completing application form.  We regret that we cannot consider late or incomplete applications.

*Step 1.   Please include the following information on the first page of your proposal:

  • Contact Name

  • Email

  • Organization

  • Mailing Address (including zip)

  • Web URL

  • Tax Exempt ID

  • Holder of Tax Exempt ID #

  • If your organization has received funding from WHF in the past, tell us how the funds were used.

  • Provide a brief summary of your proposal (150 word max)

Step 2.  Combine your documents into a single PDF containing:

  • the information above 

  • your full proposal 

  • financial information 

  • any other relevant documents.
    When you save your PDF, ma
    ke sure the document title includes your organization's name (e.g. "Falmouth_Singers-WHF.pdf").
    (Tip for merging documents into a single document: Free programs exist on the web, such as or similar site.)

Step 3.  Upload your document using our Google Form (from April 1-May 31 2023.)


Step 4.  Make sure you click the "submit" button. You should receive an acknowledgement right after submitting. 

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