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Checklist: Preparing Your Proposal

Please read our FAQs before preparing your proposal.


To complete our online application form, you will need to assemble the following:


✓ The amount requested ($)

✓ A brief summary (150 words) of your proposal or proposed use of grant funds.

✓ A full proposal narrative that includes a description of your organization's need and how the proposed project or activity benefits the community.


Project budget/financial report. We require two documents: a concise summary of your organization’s overall finances AND a budget for your proposed project.  See FAQ for details.


Past grant information. If your organization has received a grant from us previously, please explain how it was used.

Tax-exempt ID.  If the tax-exempt ID # you provided was not issued to your organization or if a non-profit organization is serving as a fiscal agent for your project, please include a letter of support from an officer of that organization/the holder of the tax-exempt ID.


Single PDF file*. Your application materials (proposal, budget/financial statements, 501c3 certification if this is your first application, and any letter of support) should be combined into a single PDF file. Your PDF file must include your organization’s name. For example, “FalmouthSongsters_WHF2021”.

* HELPFUL RESOURCE: You can merge multiple documents (Word files, Excel, PDFs, etc.)  into a single PDF using free tools available on the Internet, such as

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