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2023 Woods Hole Foundation Special Grant for Housing or Environmental Projects

The Woods Hole Foundation is offering two grants of $10,000 each to two local organizations for projects related to housing and the environment. These one-time grants are made possible by the Woods Hole Foundation, and a FY 2022 legislative earmark grant of $15,000 to the Foundation from State Representative Dylan Fernandes.
  • The Woods Hole Foundation is accepting proposals for this grant beginning April,1 2023.  

  • Completed applications must be received no later than midnight May 31, 2023. 





Who may apply for this Special Projects grant from Woods Hole Foundation?

  • Woods Hole Foundation accepts funding proposals from local non-profit organizations and gives preference to organizations serving primarily the Woods Hole/Falmouth area.

  • Applicants must be public entities or local non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under the provisions of the IRS code, Section 501(c)(3). If this is your first submission to the Woods Hole Foundation, please include a copy of your tax-exempt IRS 501(c)(3) letter with your application.


If my organization received funding in the past, or from the first 2023 grant cycle,                                                                                  may we apply for the 2023 Special Projects Grant?

  • Yes, if you received a grant in past years from the Woods Hole Foundation–including a 2023 grant– you may still apply for this Special Projects Grant.  


What types of funding requests will be considered?

  • The 2023 WHF Special Grant for Housing or Environmental Projects will consider proposals that address environmental preservation issues or affordable housing needs in the local community. This may be broadly interpreted, but preference will be given to proposals with specific projects or goals. 


What if our needs change after we receive a grant, and we’d like to spend the funds on something else or wait until next year to spend the funds?

  • You are expected to spend the grant as it was proposed in your application. If you want to redirect funds or postpone the use of the funds, you must first consult the Foundation for permission. 

What financial information do you require?

  • We require two documents: a financial report and a project budget. We are looking for a concise summary of your organization’s overall finances AND a budget for your proposed project. 

What should be included in my financial report?


  • Please include your most recent annual financial report. If the budget is voluminous, an executive summary is preferable. We need enough information to assess monetary need and fiscal responsibility.  

  • Your income report must include but not be limited to donations, fundraising income, gifts, grants, rental property, ticket sales, investments, etc. Your expense report must include but not be limited to office supplies, printing, advertising, salaries, maintenance, etc. 

Does my tax return or monthly bank statement suffice as a financial report?

  • No, a tax return or monthly bank statement do not suffice as a financial report. 

What should be included in my project budget?


  • We are looking for the details of your proposed project costs and income, if any (for example ticket sales).  The project budget you provide us can be as simple as a paragraph, as long as you give us all the pertinent information, or it could be a standard income/expense report for the project. 

How do I know if my application is complete?

  • Review the checklist on the “preparing your proposal” page to make sure you’ve included all the required components.   You will receive an email from the Woods Hole Foundation confirming receipt of your application.

What happens if my application is not complete?

  • ​We will not consider incomplete applications. 

Will you accept applications beyond the May 31st deadline?


  • We accept applications until 11:59 PM on May 31st. We will not consider late applications.

When will I know if my proposal was successful?

  •  Funding decisions will be made in mid-June and checks  sent to organizations by the end of June.



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